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Parenting Impossible – The Special Needs Survival Podcast

Sep 27, 2019

Annette sits down to chat with Maria Hopfgarten, the author of the blog, Moments with Jacob. Maria lost her son Jacob to mitochondrial disease three years ago. Despite Jacob being very medically complex he lived for ten beautiful years. He fought every day to breathe, live, and spread happiness. He never uttered a...

Sep 25, 2019

Does my child or loved one need a  Special Needs Trust? That’s one common question we get and in this episode Annette discusses some of the myths surrounding special needs trusts.

Annette Hines and Attorney Mark Worthington of Special Needs Law Group based in Massachusetts sit down and discuss some of the top myths...

Sep 20, 2019

This episode of Parenting Impossible is once again dedicated to our special needs siblings.


Annette sits down again with Alexandria Nadworny and Hillary Dunn Stanisz for part two of their discussion about special needs siblings and the important issues that they commonly face.


Alexandria Nadworny is a special needs...

Sep 18, 2019

This episode of Parenting Impossible is dedicated to our special needs siblings.


Annette sits down with two incredible women who have put their heart and soul as well as dedicating their professional lives into making sure the siblings of special needs individuals are heard and valued.


Guests this week are...

Sep 13, 2019

In this episode of Parenting Impossible, we chat with the tireless disability advocate, Cheryl Ryan Chan. Cheryl has taken many of her experiences as a special needs mom and has worked vigorously to advocate for others in the state of Massachusetts as well as on the national stage.


First, we discuss her efforts to...