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Parenting Impossible – The Special Needs Survival Podcast

Oct 18, 2019

This week, Annette speaks with Eric Endlich with Top College Consultants which helps a wide range of students navigate the college admission system, including those on the autism spectrum.

One of the topics that Eric talks about right in the beginning is his own autism diagnosis later in life. He speaks about what it is like to understand that you have an autism diagnosis and the positive aspect of neurodiversity.

He says that autism looks different later on in life and you cannot look at a person with autism the same way as a child and as an adult. We learn skills and become more aware of ourselves.


Eric talks with Annette about what college can look like for someone on the autism spectrum and the many factors that should be in your decision to go to college. Those include considerations regarding executive functions, costs, level of support needed and other factors. Others include a relevant major, setting and environment as well as the physical location of that college.


Annette and Eric also discuss the topic of deciding whether a person is actually ready for college or if they should consider taking time off between high school and their next school. They discuss the option of transition programs and the value that such programs offer.


Are there scholarships for those that learn differently? They discuss this as well as the kinds of scholarships available.


Find out more about Eric and Top College Consultants on his website which include an extensive list of colleges that have programs for individuals on the autism spectrum.