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Parenting Impossible – The Special Needs Survival Podcast

Dec 13, 2019

Annette had a great conversation with Austin Carr, a young energetic man who is a true advocate for people with disabilities. Austin is very involved in the disability community both in mentorship programs as well as helping out with resources for those seeking transitions into adult life and he talks with Annette about these important topics.


Austin currently lives in the Boston area with his twin brother and parents. He graduated from Cotting School and attended the Lesley Threshold program. And he hosts his own radio show “Austin in the Afternoon” on Radio Perkins. His own mentor, Kennedy Elsey from a prominent Boston radio station is often by his side in studio.


Austin has been actively engaged in the disability community for the last several years and is a proven advocate for the disability community. Austin has recently interned with PYD (Partners For Youth with Disabilities) as a Mentor Recruiter, Ambassador, and a planning committee member. He was a Service Leader, Youth Board Member, and currently volunteers as a Youth Group Peer Leader and has a position as a Youth Trainer in the Boston Public Schools with EPIC (Empowering People for Inclusive Communities). He has spoken on many panels regarding Transition with the Federation of Children with Special Needs, and is an active Youth Network Group member and advocate with Easter Seals. 


Austin speaks with Annette about what makes a good mentorship program and the importance of having a mentor. He talks about what makes a good match and ways to find a great mentor.

Annette and Austin also discuss transition planning and why that is such an important part of our lives as we get older and they discuss the importance of inclusive communities.


And Austin makes sure he discusses self-advocacy with Annette. And he has a few tips. First, be part of your own plan, tell people what you want and let them know what you do NOT want. Always speak up for yourself.


As a bonus, Annette answers some listener questions that include, how do you get a book published and how do you start a podcast.


You can find Austin’s radio show on Radio Perkins here:


Austin also writes for Partners for Youth Disability and you can read is articles here.