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Parenting Impossible – The Special Needs Survival Podcast

Dec 30, 2020

2020 has been a year of great challenges and loss. However, with the hope of 2021, we can make this new year the best year yet. 

We’ve learned a lot about ourselves over the past year, and if we use the knowledge we’ve gained moving forward, we can prioritize wellness in a way that allows us to create safe places at work and at home, even when we are struggling. 

In this episode of “Parenting Impossible,” Annette is joined by the Executive Director of Gracepoint Foundation, Ian Adair. Ian is also the author of Stronger Than Stigma, A Call To Action: Stories of Grief, Loss, and Inspiration!, a book that shares stories of ordinary people in extraordinary situations that helps people connect and break down stigmas behind mental health, wellness and more. 

As someone who watched his family members face addiction and suicide attempts and faced his own anxiety and depression, he brings a first-hand perspective to the topic of mental health.  

As we’ve adapted to the “new normal” of 2020, we’ve seen mental health get pushed to the side. 

Fast Company Magazine noted that 37% of survey participants reported working longer hours in the past year. We are still seeing anxiety, depression, and suicide Annette notes that there have been, “a lot of lonely deaths this year.” Caregivers, parents, health care workers, and more are feeling the weight of burnout. 

With all of this negative, how can we flip the conversation? 

First of all, Ian believes that the meaning of leadership at work needs to change from managing work to also managing the people to ensure their wellbeing. 

Secondly, he believes that as a society, we need to promote the inclusion, awareness and support of people with mental illness. We also need to provide flexibility for people who need time to receive care. 

Overall, Ian says, “If you can be anything, just be kind.” 

For more information about breaking down stigmas around mental health and mental illness or hitting “reset” in 2021, follow Ian on Twitter and Instagram. You can also follow along with the Gracepoint Foundation on their website or Facebook page

Annette Hines has been practicing in the areas of Special Needs, Elder Law, and Estate Planning for more than 20 years. Ms. Hines brings personal experience with special needs to her practice and podcasts as the mother of two daughters, one of whom passed away from Mitochondrial disease in November 2013. This deep, personal understanding of special needs fuels her passion for quality special needs planning and drives her dedication to help others within the special needs community.