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Parenting Impossible – The Special Needs Survival Podcast

Sep 13, 2019

In this episode of Parenting Impossible, we chat with the tireless disability advocate, Cheryl Ryan Chan. Cheryl has taken many of her experiences as a special needs mom and has worked vigorously to advocate for others in the state of Massachusetts as well as on the national stage.


First, we discuss her efforts to pass Nicky’s Law which proposes to set up a registry in the state of Massachusetts for those who abuse individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Currently, as of September 2019, there is no such way to track abusers. She talks about the support that the bill has received and the frustrations that come with trying to pass legislation.


Cheryl shares her personal story of why this is such a needed protection in our communities, talks about the reason she started this effort, and where we stand in the effort to pass such a law.


Cheryl and Annette also chat about Person-centered Planning, a concept that Cheryl takes with her across the country. Person-centered Planning takes a person-first approach and makes sure that the wants and needs of a person, given their strengths and capabilities are at the forefront of any decisions and planning.


Her trainings involve how families and caregivers can create support systems for our loved ones, how to secure a bright future for our special needs loved ones and collaborate best for a common goal. In the end, a path to success and a roadmap for the individual are created.


If you need to create a roadmap and a well thought-out plan for your special needs family member, you need to contact Cheryl. She’s the best!


You can learn more about Nicky’s Law here:

Find out more about Cheryl’s Person-centered Planning services here.

Connect with Cheryl here.